Brand and Logo Creation

A brand is your colours, look and feel and logo but most importantly it is everything a prospective or current patient and referrer thinks and feels about you. In marketing this is referred to as “brand associations.”

The more positive brand associations a prospective client/patient has about you or your practice, the more likely it is that they'll choose you and book an appointment.

Effective brand management utilises the associative network memory model to conceptualise the way brand associations are built in the minds of prospective and current client/patients.

Associative learning conceptualises memory as a network consisting of individual pieces of information (nodes) that are connected by associative links. Nodes can represent any form of information, including thoughts, feelings and attributes.

Clients/patients will develop an association set for a health practitioner/practice based on what they have learned and experienced, which can be reinforced or changed based on current and future information and experiences.

The job of a marketing (website, social media, digital advertising, content etc) is to create positive brand associations, but to do this effectively you firstly need to define and create your brand.

Without understanding and defining who you are, what you want to be known for, and who your ideal clients/patients are, you don’t know which marketing activities to choose. 

Spending time developing your brand will result in a more effective marketing plan and a more rapid path to establishing a long term thriving practice.

There are three steps to creating your brand:
Step OneBrand Workshop

The Brand Workshop is focused on exploring the beliefs, purpose, vision and values of you as a health practitioner and your practice.

Authenticity is critical when developing a brand – your practice brand should be an extension of who you are as a health practitioner, and the workshop focuses on understanding and capturing this.

Step TwoBrand Guideline

Using the findings of the brand workshop, and everything you share, a brand guideline will be created and include the following:

  • Your story, vision and mission
  • Ideal market position
  • Ideal patients and referrers (your niche)
  • Your ideal brand associations 
  • Your voice
  • Tagline
  • Key messages
  • Practice goals
  • Competitor analysis
Step ThreeVisual Execution

In the last step we create the visual component of your brand – your primary and secondary brand colours, your font and your logo.

Together your colours, font and logo create a look and feel that visually supports and enhances your brand, will resonate and connect with your patients and referrers, and accurately reflect who you are.

This step includes the creation of a style guide which can then be used to direct the design of your website, stationery, promotional material and social media graphics.

Interested in finding out more?

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